Introductions are a tricky thing..

Welcome all to my blog. I have thought about this for ages. I agonized over this actually. I had doubts, I didn’t understand what one more sewing blog could add to the talent and demonstration of craft currently on the interwebs. What was my voice going to say that warranted this spiffy blog? EEeeerrr well uumm…

Well I still don’t know and I still have doubts but I also have this mad idea that these thoughts mean…….something. Aaaaaaaand, well, I still don’t see the information that I’ve collected, and use, for costuming and projects, all in one place. So I am going to document it and give it to you, in bite-ish sized posts. So it will be in one location, out of my notes and my head and on the blog for your (and my) convenience. I will link heavily to all the sites and bloggers that continue to teach and inspire me. I will regularly include random projects that have nothing to do with dance costumes and everything to do with sewing for fun, fashion, and household.

I use to sew in high school and a bit in college when I was friends with the fashion students at art school. I knew how to hem and sew a button, follow a pattern. Then, while I was dancing for a salsa dance company, my director said this is the costume I want. He was pointing at a picture of a costume that cost over $1,500. What the hell! Not a possibility for our ragtag lot. SO I had limited talent with a needle and a sewing machine and said those fateful words “I can do it.” So I made our costumes and they were a hit and it grew from there. (Ugh, that makes it sound like it was simple.) I have learned so much since then and continue to learn every time I do another project.

We should all be able to make things, it is a talent that we should cultivate more. I applaud all the sempstresses (old time-y word for those who sew) who are blogging and reading. People who are sewing their little hearts out, beginner and intermediate alike. I like making irreverent gifts and funny stuffed animals I also love to make sentimental keepsakes that may be kept in the family. Gifts are one way to show how nice my edge stitching is getting….. kidding, that I care to think, to craft, and to create just for them. My edge stitching IS better, but what they see is the awesome Alien cat toy or super spiffy skirt they are getting. I find sewing to be an ever widening field here on the internet and access to various lessons and great information is instantaneous.

People are always, always impressed when I tell them I sew. You sew clothing, really? Yes, I sew clothing. Swimsuits, leotards? Yes, spandex is my best friend. Up-cycling, refashioning? Yup. Drapes and pillows and stuff? Yes-sir-eee. Lingerie? All but bras and I have signed up for a class. I want to help other people make the same claims. I want people to run around in what they have made and love it. What the hell even the lingerie…especially the lingerie. There is nothing more empowering than the perfect panties. When you make a no slouch no wedgie pair your posture for the day changes….

I learned how to sew and it opened up so many creative avenues, I now use it in all areas of my life. I hope that what ever brought you to this blog, it helps you in just the way you need it to. Either that or you get a giggle out of my mishaps and shenanigans.

Yay sewing shenanigans!






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